Watch this important video

June 16, 2020

Watch this important video.

Watching this brought out SO MUCH ANGER AND RESOLVE IN ME.
The only way to a better way is to actually PLEDGE to DO SOMETHING about it. What do YOU pledge to DO, aside from posting about it on your social media? I PLEDGE to a better way by using my voice and talking with people who say casual racist comments and not remaining silent. I also pledge to pick 3-5 African American people in this country who are entrepreneurial and have an idea and help them build a big business that will start moving the needle of power in business. So if you are an African American person and have a great idea and are committed to seeing it through, please email me and I PLEDGE TO OPEN UP MY CONTACTS AND RESOURCES to help see them through. I am asking all of my entrepreneurial friends to HOLD MY HAND IN SOLIDARITY and DO THIS WITH ME. IT’S TIME TO REALLY ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES AND SEE THE BETTER WAY THROUGH. Thank you @curtis_hayesnc and of course #georgefloyd and all of the UNARMED souls who died at the sword of racism. It’s TIME FOR A BETTER WAY.