I Trust Myself To ____ With Ease

November 19, 2020

After going through so many wild times in my businesses and in my life over the years, trust has become paramount. Mostly trusting myself. Trusting myself to listen intently enough to my inner knowing and trusting myself to make tough decisions, and trusting myself to rest when I need to and go when I need to has become the most important work in my life. I took 2 months “time in” right before covid (it was supposed to be 3 months but then covid happened and I needed to jump back into my business) but I took time in for the first time in my whole adult life, because I finally listened to my body’s needs. Now, I check in with myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And yes I’m a human and can fly off the handlebars every once in a while and then once I’ve face planted, I pick myself back up, apologize and then check in with myself and run a post-mortem on what could have been done better – these recalibration moments are so important to learn what our triggers are and how to manage these triggers the next time around. What are your trust issues? I am diving into “core belief work” now that will retraining my brain to feel safe, even when a trauma trigger happens. Stay tuned, will be sharing what I’m learning. 🙂 #trust #itrustmyself #feelsgreat