Time for more love!

January 25, 2021

Damn I cried a lot yesterday, watching the true American spirit light up the screen and remind me why a multi-cultural, multi-generational America stands stronger and prouder together.

I also thought about the other side and how the media has villified each side to one another, by using and manipulating the knowledge they have to get people to be against each other, with the goal of satisfying advertisers. Hate sells more than love because it triggers our amygdala in our brains (the fight or flight part) to stay alert to danger. What I learned is that human suffering and human sorrow are universal. It binds us all together and if we are reminded of this, we can perhaps find more love in our hearts to reach out to the other side and hug their humanity too. We are all mirrors to each other – our darkness, our light and it’s on us to be the healers to each other and to ourselves.