Once we admit the need for help, the help arrives

May 25, 2021

Sometimes when I “try and figure things out on my own”, I can get overwhelmed. None of us know how to do this alone, and yet for some reason it feels “hard” to admit we need help. Why is that? Likely because when we were kids, we were taught to be autonomous and told to figure things out on our own so to ask for help has become counter-intuitive. (It’s kind of like being told to use birth control our whole lives and then all of a sudden we are told to make a baby, there is some recalibration that has to happen, right?) I think admitting we need help and then asking for help is a recalibration moment in an adult shame-based society. And it’s brave to do, because it goes against what we’re taught. Yes there is Google to get the baseline info but then admitting we need help and asking for help when it comes to emotional support or anything is not only ok but an important step to getting to where we really want to go. I love admitting I need help and asking for help now. Because when I admit I need help, the help truly always arrives! And life always gets better and better.