I feel glorious today!

July 19, 2021

 I feel glorious today – I am officially going to start the IVF process today. My sweet Hiro Happy chose to fly into my womb with no challenge at all. This next one is still in the stars and we are going to nudge this being to arrive with even more love (and with a little modern medicine). I was initially sad and felt shame for not making a baby without support (thank you society for that) and then I transmuted that to “Wow, I made the choice to wait till much later to have a baby so I can really find my heart-center and I built an amazing life for me and my family” and now I am being given the gift of human science to support my new dream of creating even more love in my family. Female bodies are meant to start having babies in our teens but evolution forgot that females also often want to be badasses in the world beyond making babies too! (And I support all badass mamas out there who choose to be mamas as their thing as it’s a MAJOR job on its own!)! So yes I am transmuting the shame into glory. I feel glorious today! I am also releasing the pressure off myself for the outcome of what happens. The universe will decide if this is in the cards for us. I will do everything I can to meet this spirit but I will sit in full gratitude for what I already have if this process doesn’t produce the outcome we are seeking. I am excited to just hold the space and see what happens! Life is an adventure! We are literally spinning on a ball in the sky in space like a gosh darn miracle anyway so everything is gravy on top of that 🙂 #wishmeluck#hopefullynohormonaloutbursts#forgivemeinadvance#doingthisformorelove PS. Andrew texted me this as we embark on this adventure: “Excited to two weeks of presents, surprises, massages and presence!!!” I like that. ☺️❤️❤️❤️