Core Beliefs

December 5, 2020

I have been doing a lot of “core belief” work recently where I have been diving into my core beliefs and unpacking all of the meaning I put on everyday things that happen to me, and how they link to different core beliefs that were “shaped” when I was young.

I learned that core beliefs are entirely fabricated in our heads, based on events that happened. We create the meaning out of events that happen but the events inherently have no meaning. They just happen. But because we are meaning making machines, when new events happen, we place meaning on them by locating the core belief that’s in our heads from our past experiences and make conclusions that are often totally untrue.

I learned that how we interpret things is just ONE valid interpretation and that events that happen inherently have no meaning. It’s completely liberating to learn that a lot of our negative core beliefs are entirely made up in our heads and can be reshaped and reimagined entirely, where the possibilities are expansive and renewed.

What’s a challenging experience that you’ve gone through recently? Why did you make that mean about you or about the other person? Think about anything in your head that says “I am X” or “They are Y”. Let me know in the comments 🙂