Creating a Timeless Brand: How to Charm Every Generation

January 3, 2024

Branding that strikes a chord with everyone, from the bright-eyed Gen Z to the wise old Boomers, can be both a challenge and a thrill, especially when your target market is “everyone with a butt” like it is at TUSHY.

In my entrepreneurial adventures, with all of my brands – whether TUSHY, THINX or WILD, I’ve learned that creating a brand isn’t just about catching the eye; it’s about touching hearts and sparking minds across ages. So, how do we make our brand a beloved friend to all? 

Understand and Respect Each Generation

Like being a great party host who makes every guest feel special, it all starts with understanding. Each generation has its own vibes, dreams, and even lingo. The trick is to listen and learn. Don’t be afraid to speak your language first and then see how it can tessellate with their language. Staying true to your brand’s unique voice requires the feeling of authenticity and a deep listening. For example, at TUSHY, recently we created the first “TUSHY SHITCOM” – think sitcom but with a TUSHY twist. 🙂 All generations love a good sitcom. We even made the logo look like the Seinfeld logo. We wanted to create a series that you could come back to over and over again that appealed to all generations. 

Find Your Core Values and Make it Universal

Find those core values that resonate with YOU most importantly, and then begin by hitting on broader points that speak to a universal audience, such as sustainability, wellness, or innovation. Remember to add your unique spin to these values. For instance, TUSHY’s commitment to eco-friendliness appeals to all, but our taboo-busting, creative approach, which is near and dear to my heart, really cements us in people’s hearts.

Storytelling that Transcends Age

A good story is loved by all, whether you’re 18 or 80. Craft your brand story in a way that’s relatable and engaging for everyone. It doesn’t mean it has to be bland because it’s “appealing to all” but can use things like situational comedy or a tender hero’s journey to be universal experiences that are felt by all and can be related to by all. For example, at TUSHY, we have really fun, diverse-in-age humans as our talent spraying their butts with the TUSHY bidet and being silly and funny and it takes everyone’s guards down! We don’t see ourselves as a “device company” but as a lifestyle brand and upgrade for people of all ages. 

Embrace the Digital and the Tangible

While our younger folks are digital natives, older generations appreciate the tangible. So, balance your online presence with real-world interactions. Maybe it’s a viral Instagram campaign coupled with an in-person event or snail mail handwritten campaign. For example, at my restaurant WILD, we handed out free mini-pizza bites to everyone walking by (I did this for years!) and delivered hand-written notes to 5000 apartments around the restaurant when we first opened, which is what drew all of our customers from every walk of life.   

Innovate, but Keep It Familiar

Innovation excites the young and the young-at-heart. But remember, comfort in the familiar is a thing too. Strike that balance between introducing the new and cherishing the old. Think of it as a dance between tradition and revolution. In thinking about the design of the TUSHY bidet, I wanted to make it feel like a familiar shape so we designed it to look like a lo-fi iPhone shape, so it doesn’t feel so foreign in the bathroom, but it’s still a total innovation to American culture, which gave it PR-worthiness. Striking that familiar-but-innovative feel was really important to nail because we’re asking Americans to form a new habit. 

Involve Your Audience

Lastly, make your audience feel like they’re part of your journey. Whether it’s through interactive campaigns or community events, let every generation have a voice in your brand story. We have done so many contests, polls, quizzes for all generations as well as fun creative events like Funeral For A Tree that appealed to all generations. 

Building a brand that resonates with every generation is like weaving a beautiful tapestry with diverse threads. It’s colorful, it’s vibrant, and it tells a story that’s rich and engaging.

So, my fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and dreamers, let’s create brands that not only exist but live in the hearts of our diverse audience!



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