Democracy & Decency Spoke

November 7, 2020

Democracy and decency spoke. America chose a good, kind Elder today and a woman of color as the second in command. America chose a qualified servant leader who knows how to overcome loss and challenge.

He will be put to the test to help America overcome loss and challenge again. While it is a big day for democracy where we can breathe easier, it’s still a sad day for 71 million people who did not vote for Biden. This is day 1 of rebuilding and unifying this country and having good sportsmanship, even if we believe that “the other side wouldn’t have decency or sportsmanship if they won”.

There is a lot of work to be done rebuilding this country and as Biden said, “it’s time to stop treating our opponents like our enemies. Let this grim demonization end here and now. It’s a choice we make to cooperate with each other.”

May we stop demonizing the other side and extend an olive branch to have real open discourse where we lean in to listen. For now, I’m going to sleep with more ease tonight.