Don’t let the doom spiral take over

August 17, 2020

It’s really easy to have something small and meaningless turn into something big and terrible but it doesn’t have to escalate so quickly. We can express our needs and do it with love and it will immediately stop the doom spiral from taking over. I can be reactive, too, sometimes and when I take three deep breaths and think of something loving, it helps center me and flip it from a doom spiral into a more connected experience – an upward boom spiral💥

The best way to go from a doom spiral into a boom spiral with someone is to say something loving first and then bring up the challenging thing so that it’s wrapped in positivity and love. When people are emotional about what they’re saying on both sides, unless love and connection is at the center of it, it will be hard to swallow each other’s truths. Ps.

Our beautiful community in NYC is called the “Boom Spiral” because we believe that a collective of like-minded, engaged, good people can create a positive BOOM spiral in the world 🙂