Dropping Beats for Cleaner Seats: The Story Behind TUSHY’s Booty & Dooty Mixtape

May 29, 2024

Changing the world, one beat at a time – that’s the vibe we were going for with TUSHY’s Booty & Dooty Mixtape. You might be wondering, why on earth would a bidet company release a mixtape? Well, let me break it down for you.


Breaking Down Cultural Barriers

In America, there’s a deep-seated cultural block against bidets, stemming from WWII soldiers’ encounters with them in French brothels. They saw bidets as sexual and phallic, leading to the belief that bidets are bad. We’re working against this deep indoctrination in puritanical America, where there’s a significant stigma around discussing and taking care of our bathroom habits.

Creating Something Culturally Relevant

To tackle this stigma head-on, we wanted to create something culturally relevant and engaging. Enter the Booty & Dooty Mixtape. With a Taylor Swift-inspired song, rap, R&B, and reggae-inspired tracks, and a variety of other styles. There’s truly a type of song for everyone. It’s all about using the power of music to break down barriers and get people talking (and singing) about bidets.

Embracing Edutainment

The mixtape embodies our edutainment philosophy. We believe in educating people while entertaining them. It’s not just about pushing a product; it’s about sparking a conversation and inspiring change. We want people to see the benefits of bidets for themselves, rather than feeling forced to adopt them.

Inspiring Change

The impact of the Booty & Dooty Mixtape has been incredible. It’s opened up discussions about bathroom habits and bidet use in a fun and approachable way. People are jamming to the tunes while rethinking their bathroom routines. It’s a small step toward our bigger goal of changing the culture around bidets in America.

This project means more to us than just a collection of catchy tunes. It’s a symbol of our mission to break down stigmas, inspire change, and make bidets a normal part of the American bathroom experience. So, go ahead, give it a listen, jam out, and join our bidet revolution! Lezz goooo!



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