Everyone can positively disrupt something that is not working in society.

July 21, 2020

It doesn’t need to be a movement or a march or something massive to create lasting change. Seemingly small actions can create a snowball effect in a positive disruptive direction.

Malala took one action which was to stand up to people who didn’t let girls have an education.

Maggie Doyne went to Nepal when she was 18 and met a 6 year old girl who was breaking rocks on the side of the road to sell so she can help feed her family. Maggie then set out to create a safe home and school for children with her $5000 life savings. It started with just helping one girl. 

Positive disruption doesn’t have to be about education or helping people either, it can be about speaking about things that are considered “taboo” in society, (like talking about money) and creating a new way of thinking or talking about it. It can be planting one tree per year and talking about sustainability in a fun, new, creative way.

It can be writing one song or poem or letter or dance or art piece that makes people think in a new way. It can be starting a small art project or side project that solves a problem. It can also lead to starting a business that makes a positive disruption in an industry. It can be having a tough but loving conversation with a family member. 

All it takes is one courageous step to start positively disrupting your life.