Fame is an Attempted Shortcut For Self-Approval

April 27, 2021

When anyone has a desire to be “famous” or “known”, it’s often an opportunity to check in and ask why and the answer is most often “because I want to be loved”. Being loved by others will always be a distraction for finding self-love.

I always ask myself why I post things on social media before I post them and my answer is most often that I have a thought or idea that could potentially spark a thought or idea in others too and want to get thoughts. Or I share because I am in a creative mood and want to be creative and sometimes I want to share something funny and silly that will make my friends and family laugh (cue Hiro soccer footage). I make sure to not share because I feel like I “have to”, only when I truly have something to say or want to.

I have started committing to self-love practices in the following ways to shine my own inner light before turning to the external:

1) Meditating daily
2) Making sure I move my body in some way every day, which could be a simple walk around the neighborhood
3) Reading daily affirmations – this is a practice that has really worked for me. I wrote a little book of affirmations for myself to remind myself of who I am in my highest form.
4) Morning pages – I write my stream of consciousness in my journal and “talk to higher consciousness” almost every day which allows me to dump out any gunk onto the page, clear it out, and then in the empty space, ask questions and receive the answers from higher consciousness.

It’s been game changing for me.

Why do you post to social media? What self love practices do you do? Let me know in the comments :-)