Hanging on?

October 22, 2020

I learned that it’s human nature to want to hang onto the past, to hang onto people who may not work for us spiritually anymore, to hang onto an old version of ourselves that is hard to shake off, even if we really want to.

For me, I learned early on that I had to become tough in business or I would get taken advantage of. In my first business when I was 26 years old, one of my first managers stole $100K from me over the course of a few years and I learned to toughen up after that – that being naive and nice was not a good combo. I learned to lean into my productive and intense masculine side to protect me and help me get everything done.

My being has been and is so so ready to soften into my feminine and truly relax but the old protective me just wants to hang on to keep me safe and sound. Because my tough masculine side helped me get through really challenging times in business and push through and remain productive, to bring the armor down has been a daunting task. But I am ready and I declaring it in the open now: I am safe to open my softer feminine side and bring my armor down.

Who is with me?