Happy birthday, Hiro!

July 6, 2021

Four years ago today I celebrated the birth of my son Hiro Happy.

While I would normally make it all about him and how amazing he is and how much he taught me (it’s true it’s so much), today I celebrate me, and all the mamas out there who did the thing.

Today I remember and celebrate what warrior-mama energy it took to make the baby while my organs moved upward as the baby grew in my lower abdomen, the emergency C-section where I had a challenging experience during the operation (and thought I was going to die but didn’t – thank g! Still kicking!), the recovery of that major surgery, all while breastfeeding and waking up every two hours to feed my little angel for many many months, while getting my body back in homeostasis, and then spending the next four years giving my best to my baby while building a business and making a home and showing up for my friends and family.

PHEW! It’s a lot right!?

And yet I love it and do it with so much devotional love for my son because he’s just the best – I am so so grateful to have Hiro Happy be the soul that chose me. I am so grateful to create and find more capacity to love him and still love myself. Happy birthday to US.

I love you, Hiro Happy, happy day of your entrance into this realm xoxo Mama Miki PS. I also celebrate Andrew Horn and the dadas and partners out there who change the diapers, take baby to school, brush their teeth, play with them, hold space and take care of their Queens while we go through this cosmic experience. Happy birthday to you too xoxo