Sometimes we talk shit about what we do. It’s “societally acceptable” and almost “cool” to hate on our jobs and hate on our bosses and be snarky and asshole-y about it. People “find community” with others in their mutual hate of their jobs.

Reading this makes you go “ugh!” right? It’s so not the experience that I ever want to have, nor the people I ever want to spend my precious time working with or being around. My coach Lauren Zande shared a great parable with me about the way people look at things – they either look at their jobs as “breaking rocks” or “building a cathedral”. Both are doing the exact same thing but are looking at it from a completely different perspective and context.

Wouldn’t you rather be the one who is building a cathedral? Wouldn’t you rather work with people who see the world in that way too? Wouldn’t you rather find inspiration in what you do and not talk shit about it just because it’s not perfect? I would. We can always sharpen our knives with new skills while we are doing the work we are doing, even if it’s not exactly perfect. I find way more inspiration and passion and excitement for life and the opportunity to learn with that mindset.