How To Reframe Turbulence In Our Lives

March 6, 2021

I finally got over my fear of turbulence on a plane thanks to Hiro and Eli‘s dad, who is angel in the sky.

First I close I my eyes and picture Eli’s dad, Jeff, literally spiritually flying the plane to safety. Also when there is turbulence, I just say “WHEEEE!” because Hiro would do that and that seems WAYYY more fun than being scared. So now I go “WHEEEEEE!” too and it completely reframes turbulence to being FUN like I’m on a fun rollercoaster! Literally it completely changed the whole entire vibe! I practically look forward to them now because they’re so fun. It made me really get that emotions like fear and shame and sadness are natural emotions and should not be ignored (in fact we need to purge these out regularly as I realized after my own purge of the darker emotions and how liberating it has been – it’s like taking a big KARMIC DUMP), these darker feeling do need to be tenderly tended to but then like any visitor, those feelings will show themselves out the door and we can get back to WHEEEE! energy!

It’s SO amazing what our minds can do to reframe things if we chose it. What a revelation for me. Can we all go “WHEEEEE!” when there is turbulence in our lives and see what happens? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments 🙂