I am opening myself up to the creative portal that is the present moment

June 14, 2021

I have been contemplating the question “how does one come up with creative ideas?” and where I keep landing over and over again is “my best creative ideas come when I am simply “being” in the present moment”. So many ideas just come when I let my mind meander around while I am sitting, lying down, showering or walking, without other distractions.

Now, often, when I am thinking about campaign ideas for my business or art projects or new inventions, I say to myself “I am opening myself up to the creative portal of the present moment.” Just by declaring it, the creative portal magically opens and creative ideas emerge. Morning pages (journaling) also helps loosen up the stuck energy and then the creativity has space to flow again.

How do you find your creativity? Very curious to know! Please share in the comments :-)