I overcame my fear of the ocean on my trip to Costa Rica this week

January 4, 2021

I overcame my fear of the ocean on my trip to Costa Rica this week.

When I was in my early 20s, I was pulled into a riptide and a large magical man saved me from getting pulled further and further out. From that day, I decided I was more of a land animal than sea and stuck to dry sports. Andrew Horn grew up in Hawaii and surfing has been his passion since a young age and when we would go on trips, I would sit on the beach and read while he went surfing.

For 9 years, we did that. Well not this time!! What I learned from this experience is a universal lesson: that if the conditions are safe, then anything is possible. In this case, the conditions were a low tide so I could stand up and touch the ground even if I was far out into the water, the water was nice and warm and the waves were small. These safe conditions gave me the space to attempt this otherwise “scary” experience with confidence. I imprinted this lesson deeply – that it’s not about pushing ourselves past our fears and just doing it, it’s actually about creating the safe conditions to go with renewed confidence and ease.

I am so excited for 2021 and creating the safest conditions for myself, my family, friends and team to find the bravery and try new things with confidence and ease in all areas of our lives.