I went on a 6 day meditation retreat

May 14, 2020

I went to a 6-day silent meditation retreat from March 1st to the 6th, right before the pandemic hit America. Adyashanti led the silent retreat and it was truly a deep soulful experience. To be silent for 6 days is an important thing to practice – I plan on doing it at least annually, if not twice a year to really allow myself to go in. Every morning and night, he gave a talk and during one of his talks, he said something that hit me so powerfully: he said “there are two ways to experience the world – the first is to grasp in desperation to know what is going to happen (with our lives, with love, with our jobs, with our children etc etc) OR the second is to become completely at ease with the unknown.” When he said that, something totally let go in me – “to become completely at ease with the unknown” – wow. The idea that I don’t have to KNOW what is going to happen (the opposite to what we have been taught our whole lives) was miraculous.

In business, it’s important to make assumptions and project different possibilities of outcomes but to feel the release spiritually left me feeling so relaxed. It’s a practice to remember this lesson consistently but when I do, wow, it’s truly a release in pressure and any need for certainty.