It boggles my mind that there is so much hate spewed on the internet

December 14, 2020

It boggles my mind that there is so much hate spewed on the internet and all over social media and in the news. It does make sense because people no longer have to look others in the eye and can say whatever they want without much recourse. Rather than looking inward and asking where this negative feeling is coming from, so many people choose to spread the negativity externally, to “get back at others” for their own unfortunate feelings. This negative spewing only creates more separation from self and others.

When I have negative feelings, I use it as an opportunity to challenge myself and explore my feelings. I have been doing core belief work and the expert I connected with Shelly Lefkoe shared a simple set of questions to run through when I am feeling bad, negative, upset and I challenge you all to try it too:

1) What just happened? (Someone said something or something just happened. Look at what happened without a judgment lens but just speak to the actual event).
2) What am I making it mean?
3) What else could it mean?
4) Would everyone in the whole world see it like I am seeing it?

After I ask myself these questions, all of a sudden, I realize that I made it mean something that is only one valid interpretation but could mean so many other things too. It has totally amended the way I think of my thoughts and what stories we make up in our heads as THE TRUTH that are simply not actually true, they’re just ONE valid interpretation.

To stop and slow down and ask myself these questions has been game changing. So next time any of you want to write a negative comment or take someone down externally, ask yourself these questions. I think it creates more compassion, understanding and thus a more connected people.