Miki’s Monthly Musings

May 8, 2019

Hello friends!

I am officially launching my blog called “Miki’s Monthly Musings” where I will be sharing timely thoughts, ideas, new products that I am dreaming up and launching with my teams, and new products and/or services that I am not necessarily working on myself but I think are changing the game in the categories of personal development, innovation, societal disruption and sustainability. You will only receive an email once a month from me, so drink these musings in when they come into your inbox. You will likely need to move these to your Primary inbox so please do so now. 

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This month’s topics: 

1. Mother’s Day & Entrepreneurship 
2. Inner U – a program that hyper-accelerates you to achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goals
3. Our new product that launched today under TUSHY brand

Mother’s Day & Entrepreneurship 

With Mother’s Day approaching and this being the second Mother’s Day for me (cue breakfast in bed and massages), I realized that I don’t really consider having a kid that much different to starting my businesses that serve people and the planet. It all fulfills me. Societal preconditioning likely infers that I’m supposed to say “My kid trumps it all” and he does in many ways, like I kept him alive for 14 months on my breast milk and shower him with love and teach him new things every day, and sing to him when he is crying or tired and laugh with him when he is happy (which is most of the time!) but my social enterprises also require so much of my energy as I birth them into the world, and they need me to feed them and clean up their poop and nurture them and grow them too. And I love serving them all because they’re all my babies in their own right. One day Hiro will grow up and he won’t need me at all. Same with my businesses. One day they will grow up and I will be replaced by a different girlfriend or boyfriend, and I will then have the space to birth something new. 

In my most recent book Disrupt-Her, I dedicate my book to Hiro saying “Hiro, I hope to never lose myself for you, because the more me I can be, the more I can inspire you to be you.” And I see the result of that with my own two eyes. As Hiro sees me happy and fulfilled, I see him happy and fulfilled. We are mirrors to each other. 

Also, it really does “take a village” for both babies and businesses. I have a dedicated A+ nanny who loves Hiro like her own and takes unbelievable care of him (and US!) and I feel very lucky to have her in our lives, as the Managing Director of Hiro Happy 🙂 I have an incredible CEO and leadership team at TUSHY who take great care of that business baby and I get to really dream and play with them all, along with new babies that are incubating in my belly, both human (soon) and product form. 

As more people ask me “how do I juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur”, I simply say, “ya just need one more set of systems that need to be put in place” and you figure out what that system is to allow it to hum in the way you want. 

Inner U – a program that hyper-accelerates you to achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Six years ago, I decided to start working with a coach. How did I know she was the right coach for me? She came highly recommended, she already coached Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs and top talent like Hugh Jackman, Ashton Kutcher and the CEO of Dropbox among many more. Just to ensure that this was worth it, I even invited myself over to her home for the weekend to sniff out her life. And it was amazing. Her marriage of 20 years was still hot, her kids were emotionally aware and her people were thriving and honest with one another. So I decided to go for it. 

I wanted to dive deep within myself to figure out how to actualize my dreams in ALL of the areas in my life powerfully and with full integrity. 

I worked with Lauren to unravel all of the pieces, what I was doing, how I was thinking about it all, what results I currently had and what results I wanted. She used her method to help me unpack it all and thoughtfully assemble it back with intentionality, accountability and self confidence. 
From the deep work I did, the following happened: 

  • In business, my company went from negative sixty thousand dollars to fifty million in revenue in three short years. 
  • In my relationships, I cleaned up all of the leaking relationships and speak my truth no matter what so nobody is guessing how I feel.
  • In my love life, my coach put together a “Love Contract” for Andrew and me, holding us accountable to deepen our love and create at least 2-3 intimate moments per week in addition to 4 compliments a day to keep feeling special…

During the hardest and most painful times in my life, she held me at my highest self and helped me keep dreaming and still does when I am dealing with things that come up. 

I still spend 90 minutes a week working with her and it has truly changed my life.

I am so so proud and excited to see her take her method and launch “Inner.U” – which is basically all of the work I did with her and the work she did with the top talent and CEOs, but in a 12-session online course format that is affordable and worth it to ALL if you want to truly live your dream life in every aspect of it. I am helping her spread this magic bc I know what her results are and they are FOR REAL. CLICK THIS LINK AND USE CODE MIKI75 FOR $75 OFF. 

Our new product launched today under TUSHY brand

After one year of working on this product, we finally launched the TUSHY Travel bidet. Since launching TUSHY, we have seen more articles written about “Why have Americans not adopted the bidet” than ever before. It’s promising when we see the zeitgeist and weirdness around using water for your butt change (which btw how we got indoctrinated to think that using dry paper to wipe the dirtiest parts of our bodies is amazing to me). Even Michael Che, SNL’s writer, came onto the show to do a whole segment on it. It’s about time we take the bidet on the go. 

Team TUSHY also held the world’s first FUNERAL FOR A TREE (named Will O Baum) at the historic Judson Memorial Church in Washington Square Park in NYC. Actor Matthew Morrison led the funeral as the MC, his talented wife Renee Morrison played the wife “Maple” of the dead tree, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez spoke about preserving the planet with urgency along with a representative from Trees.org, 25-part choir, brass band, comedy, poetry, to inspire a more sustainable, tree-saving world. The main goal of the event was to help people see that using toilet paper kills 15 million trees per year and there are more sustainable, healthier, less expensive ways to properly clean ourselves (like TUSHY). Watch video here: