New Meditation Practice

April 16, 2021

One of my big realizations from my recent Hawaii trip is that I need to sit still in meditation for more than 20 minutes at a time. In Hawaii, I did 70 minute meditations up to three times a day and the breakthroughs and what-felt-like-psychedelic-blast-offs-to-new-realms-and-possibilities happened often after the 45th or 50th minute.

20 minutes isn’t enough for me. It’s a good place to start but because my life is often quite hectic, to really unwind and drop into my being takes me much longer than 20 minutes. Now that I am back in Austin and not jet lagged anymore, I am committing to a daily practice of 60 minutes of meditation for the next 30 days in the mornings. I will report back on what happened.

PS. At the end of my Hawaii trip after meditating more than I have all year, I got blood work done and Mark Hyman messaged me that ALL of my autoimmunity is gone. No “graves” (I never labeled myself with that term anyway but still!), thyroid is normal, hormones are all normal, everything is back to 100%. LET’S GO!