New Product Launch That Helps Retrain Old Bad Unsustainable Habits

October 28, 2020

Did you know that toilet paper manufacturers make toilet paper in ROLLS because they want people to use way, way more than we need so you have to keep buying more faster?

The average American uses 57 sheets of TP per day as a result, killing 15 million trees per year, using up billions of gallons of water and resources to make the TP and costing us all thousands of dollars over time that we could have saved.

The TUSHY Stand & Tissues take a stand for our planet and our wallets and allow us only to pull one bamboo toilet paper sheet at a time, minimizing our use and helping us retrain our old bad habits of pulling and pulling TP. We only need up to 2 sheets of TUSHY Tissues to totally pat dry bc our tissues are super soft yet durable AF. It’s wild when you actually see how much you really need (not much!).

One of our sustainable TUSHY tissues boxes last three times longer than a roll of TP with the same number of sheets (because you are only pulling one sheet at a time) .

So many people want to make a bigger contribution to supporting the planet and this is one way to do it: minimizing how often we buy single use products.

To date, TUSHY has helped saved 2 million trees from getting flushed down the toilet and we are excited for our stand and tissues to take an even bigger stand for mama earth!