On femicide: May we be like bonobo apes

July 30, 2020

Bonobo apes operate as a matriarchy.

Every time an aggressive male bonobo tries to get with a female bonobo, all of the female bonobos come together to shun the aggressive male away. That aggressive male never gets to procreate with a female bonobo. The female bonobos only chooses to procreate with the kindest, gentlest, most loving male bonobos and so, in one generation, can turn an otherwise aggressive society into a kind, gentle loving one.

May we understand our power of our wombs. Also over 60% of mothers in the US are now primary or co-breadwinners so we not only control the baby making, but we pull the purse strings as well. We must understand that we can defeat the patriarchy if we for real come together as women, and not get in our own way by having jealous and silly cat fights.

We know how to resolve. We can resolve our issues among women and each other if we simply sit down and choose to resolve over fight. We are mothers who bear children. We know how to rise above the bullshit. Let’s not point fingers and make each other to feel bad. Let’s come it TOGETHER once and for all. This is how the patriarchy will finally be defeated. 

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