Our TUSHY team threw the first Dookie Awards last night!

December 21, 2020

Our TUSHY team threw the first Dookie Awards last night and it was fantastic. The following awards were voted on in advance and the winners were announced.

The awards were: The Smart Ass Award to the person that challenges conventional thinking on the team, The Most Impooved Award to the person that went above and beyond to change how we operate the business, Toilet Half-Full Award to the person that always has a smile and brings a smile to our faces, Honorable Mensh-ion Award to the person that personifies integrity and wisdom, and the Bad Ass of the Year to the person who BROUGHT IT this year.

It was so fun and deeply heart warming to see the team get along SO well and encourage each other like real homies and take the time to create these awards at all. They also made a “C-Suite” collage for me, Jason Ojalvo, and Justin Allen and I took a moment to imprint the feeling of belonging that everyone felt on the team and I recognized how important that is to foster a healthy thriving company.

This year, TUSHY 5X’d last year’s numbers and even in the midst of a crazy pandemic where the rollercoaster was for REAL for all of us, where some of us lost family members and loved ones and dealt with a ton of personal difficulties, the team pulled it together exceptionally well, even with many of the team not having met each other in person ever before.

I also took time to really imprint how much learning happened from my last company to this one, I imprinted how critical diversity is in gender, age and color in a thriving team truly is, and how putting the RIGHT people in place, especially in leadership positions, can MAKE or BREAK a company. I am sitting in a lot of pride and gratitude this holiday season, knowing that people can go through really really hard times and come out on the other side, better for it.