Reflecting on the Dance with Success: My Ever-Evolving Relationship with Freedom

November 7, 2023

Hello, radiant souls! 🌟

Throughout my journey, my relationship with success has been a constantly evolving dance. When I first embarked on my entrepreneurial path, my vision of success was deeply tied to the freedom of money. I dreamt of the ability to take care of my loved ones, to provide, to uplift, and to create change. Money, in my early days, was a tool—a means to ensure security and care for those I held dear.

As time unfurled and my ventures grew, my perspective shifted. I began to value the freedom of time, that precious non-renewable resource. Time to breathe, to live, to experience the world in all its vastness. Don’t get me wrong, I still have those intense sprints where I work my ass off, diving deep into projects with unwavering passion. But the difference now? I make the choice. The choice to immerse myself in work when I feel the pull and the choice to step back, to pause, to savor life’s fleeting moments.

Today, my definition of success has blossomed into something more profound: the sheer freedom to be. Freedom to feel every emotion, to express myself without bounds, to wear the many hats that resonate with my soul. I want the liberty to be a mom, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer, an adventurer, and so much more. I want to embrace roles that are additive not just to my life, but to the lives of those around me.

Success, I’ve come to realize, isn’t a static destination. It’s a fluid journey, one that’s deeply personal and ever-changing. It’s about understanding what truly matters, about aligning with our core values, and about creating space for growth, love, and boundless expression.

To all the dreamers, doers, and believers out there: I urge you to reflect on your own relationship with success. Let it be a dance, a rhythm that resonates with your heart’s truest desires. And in that dance, may you find your own unique freedom.



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