Rest in Love Tony Hsieh

November 28, 2020

Rest in love Tony Hsieh.

Meeting him in 2011 at Summit At Sea was a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial life. I had two WILD restaurants at the time we met and was still early in my career. We hit it off right away – his eccentric sense of humor was right up my alley and his brilliance and generosity of time and spirit really wowed me. Beyond that, I felt really seen by him. His belief in me grew my belief in myself, which was pivotal and felt really important in my early entrepreneur days – he helped me feel like I was on the right track.

Throughout our friendship, I got to visit Zappos regularly and see how he was running the massive business – it was always a happy alive place that was consistently buzzing with ideas. He helped me dream bigger than I thought to dream in my own life just by observing his. His book Delivering Happiness was game-changing for me too as I was building my companies and loved getting inside his brain both up close as a friend and also in his written words.

We spent a lot of time together at Burning Man, in Las Vegas at the downtown project and he showed up last minute to several fun debaucherous, unforgettable weekends. He was the full package: kind, caring, thoughtful, curious, brilliant, disruptive, funny, irreverent, eccentric, spontaneous, on time, measured, out there, quiet, demure, powerful, sweet. This world just lost a big dreamer and doer but the stardust gets him now. You are free, Tony. Blast off.