Rest in Love Tony Hsieh

November 28, 2020

Rest in love @downtowntony. Meeting him in 2011 at Summit At Sea was a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial life. I had two @eatdrinkwild restaurants at the time we met and was still early in my career. We hit it off right away – his eccentric sense of humor was right up my alley and his brilliance and generosity of time and spirit really wowed me. Beyond that, I felt really seen by him. His belief in me grew my belief in myself, which was pivotal and felt really important in my early entrepreneur days – he helped me feel like I was on the right track. Going to downtown and opening up a restaurant together was a wild experience and I got to also visit @zappos regularly and see how he was running the massive business – it was always a happy alive place that was consistently buzzing with ideas. He helped me dream bigger than I thought to dream in my own life just by observing his. His book #deliveringhappiness was gamechanging for me too as I was building my companies and loved getting inside his brain both up close as a friend and also in his written words. We spent a lot of time together at @burningman, in Las Vegas at the downtown project and he showed up last minute to several fun debaucherous, unforgettable weekends. He was the full package: kind, caring, thoughtful, curious, brilliant, disruptive, funny, irreverent, eccentric, spontaneous, on time, measured, out there, quiet, demure, powerful, sweet. This world just lost a big dreamer and doer but the stardust gets him now. You are free Tony. Blast off