Shame Share #3 (The BIG ONE)

September 29, 2020

This #shameshare is so heavy that it requires TWO POSTS bc Instagram only allows a certain amount of time. I am beyond excited to finally share this so I can release it fully out of my body.

I have been wanting to share this story so many times but everyone around me – my lawyer (who I love!), my PR team, and my advisors told me to let it go in order to protect me and to allow me to keep moving forward. Even as someone who has built companies that break down old paradigms, I felt my lizard-good-woman-living-in-this-patriarchal-world-brain kick in and I complied. I was also scared so I let myself be muzzled.

I did a meditation this morning where the instructor said “don’t let fear guide you”. I recently got to a place where I finally created space for fear, where I am able to fully acknowledge and welcome it and give it its moment of love and truth, but then from that space of listening and loving and supporting this tender feeling of fear, let it move through and move on. I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is “letting fear guide me”. That is not a place anyone truly wants to be. Now it’s shame’s turn. I will give it space to be heard, but not guide me.

So in this #shameshare I share two stories:

The first is about the time I was sexually assaulted in college and felt the deepest shame from it, for “putting myself in that situation in the first place”.

The second is about the time I was falsely accused of “sexual harassment” by a former employee. I felt so much shame from it too, for “putting myself in that situation in the first place”.

It’s a long video so get ready for a big spilling.

By sharing these two deeply painful and shameful experiences, I am already feeling lighter from the sharing of them into the universe where we can all hopefully hold the lessons from it together, powerfully.

Thank you for being a witness to this shame release moment after such a long time coming.

They say that mold and icky things fester and grow in the darkness and die in the light. I think the same goes for shame and negative feelings. To bring them into the light releases them.

Here in support of releasing all of your shame too.

Watch the second video on Instagram here.


Ps. Today is Yom Kippur. And one of the main rituals of this holy day is to let things go! What a fortuitous moment to share this and let it go in community. Thank you 🙏❤️💫