Sit & Listen to Yourself & Your Body

February 1, 2021

Sometimes we listen to everyone around us but not ourselves.

We can go years and years pushing past our inner knowing and doing things that are not in service to our highest selves. I’ve learned that to serve others and the world the best, we need to STOP and truly listen to ourselves first, like we would our child. This starts with actually STOPPING and truly slowing down and leaning into our thoughts… quietly.

A few weeks ago, I started an Artist’s Way group with some of my creative friends based on the book by Julia Cameron and one of the things we had to commit to was doing morning pages – journaling our stream of consciousness every morning over 3 pages. It’s fascinating to really dive into what we are thinking and just by writing our thoughts down as a stream of whatever is on our minds in the moment, we can begin to listen much more deeply to what’s there and once the superficial junk is out, our inner knowing begins to emerge, our inner artist gets her voice back and our desires become clearer.

The other thing that The Artist’s Way asks us to do is to take ourselves out on a weekly Artist’s Date, where we go somewhere alone without our distracting phone and give ourselves the space to think creatively just by having the space. Both of these are miraculous practices and I have felt so much creativity burst out of me and I truly recommend it to everyone.