Slow Up, Don’t Slow Down

March 25, 2021

For me, it’s often counter-intuitive – I used to think that “slowing down” means things take longer. What if we reframed it to “slowing UP”? When we take time to slow ourselves up and thus our minds up and rise up into our hearts, and be able to process and respond (not react fast and immediately!), transformation can happen to relationships and experiences and ourselves much faster than if we keep pushing and pushing through with as much speed as possible unconsciously. 

When I feel stress bubbling up, it’s a beautiful signal for me to take some deep breaths and slow up my system and close my eyes. Just a few minutes of slowing up can be a massive difference between how I can get my feelings across well or poorly. Rushing to save a couple of minutes actually creates more work and more time and more energy to fix than actually slowing up and doing it right the first time. Time to #slowup.