Something amazing happened

October 5, 2020

Something amazing happened after I did my #shameshare posts over the last few days. By finally roaring my fear and shame into the light and out of the darkness (where most icky things fester and create dis-ease), these emotions became little visiting beings that I got to spend time with, after attempting to shut them out for so long (because we have been told for so long not to shame others or shame ourselves so feeling shame is shameful so let’s shove that deep inside, amirite? Also fear – fear is only for the weak and we must push through it at all costs and show a brave face at all times amirite?).

So as I brought my fears and shame into the light and welcomed them into my space, fear and shame themselves became little entities! So in the last few days, as fear or shame showed up, I literally imagined myself inviting them into my house like visitors and letting them make a mess, spilling crumbs and wine all over my new couch and still giving them love and space. I even gave them the biggest most loving bear hug like I would hug a best friend when they were about to make a REAL mess. And then just like a great hug can do and just like visitors do, they relaxed and left my space, and they left me smiling and “woah”-ing at the experience.

We have been taught for so long, even in the “spiritual world” to shut out the “negative” and messier visitors in and focus on only letting the positive clean and clear ones in. Yes, it’s more relaxing and more joyful to entertain the happier visitors, but to be inclusive of all of our visiting emotions can actually get us back to a place of REAL and TRUE well-being, honesty and integrity and thus homeostasis within ourselves. If we are not facing the negative parts and only focusing on the positive, it actually creates an imbalance in ourselves and our truth. After this experience, I realized that it’s not “happiness” that I am after, but deep unbridled truth.

May we welcome, comfort and hug all of our emotions as valid beings in our complex but magical eco-system. #shameshare