Why Miki?

She started three different movements in three different industries in the United States. She built her companies to nine figures, wrote two best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her, made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine and INC named her “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs”, all while being laughed at by investors, challenged by countless naysayers, and told to be quiet by society.

Watching Miki speak is like to going to a one-woman show: she is an authentic, truth-telling, dynamic performer. Combine her powerful performance with her extensive experience on the topic of innovation and creative marketing in business, and the result is an unforgettable presentation that will propel any company to innovate. She was recently awarded the “#1 Best Speaker Award” out of all Mindvalley speakers in 2019, a 2-million person community. She also won the “Best Speaker award” at the Business Chicks conference, and was also named top speaker by Entrepreneur’s Organization in 2020 and asked to speak at dozens of EO events around the country.


Speaking Topics

The only danger is not to evolve. This provocative, inspiring, funny, creative talk shares how anyone can disrupt their industry and evolve their business creatively so they can build massive brands and make game changing impact at the same time. Miki shares hard-won wisdom and best practices from her experiences in building $200+ million brands in seemingly immovable categories. She shares her strategies that motivated people to transform from skeptics to fans. In this talk, Miki also offers strategic insights on how she designs her brands to stand out in the noisy advertising and digital world, and where creative innovation has been stagnant for decades. She will also share how to navigate and manage PR using atypical creativity and design in an ever-changing, click-focused media world.

Innovation Talk: How to innovate, differentiate, and create relevance in a noisy world

The world is dynamic and ever-changing – and companies that don’t iterate and innovate fast enough are going to be left behind.  But while disruptive innovation is easy to aspire to, it’s hard to actually do. THINX and TUSHY founder and start-up CEO and CCO Miki Agrawal will share out-of-the-box, creative and effective tips, tricks and stories drawn from her near two decades as a social entrepreneur that will help you make your company more responsive to changing conditions, regardless of your company’s size or industry.

Innovation Talk: How to get your company thinking like a renegade startup

Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to motivate, inspire, and influence people in today’s world. Stories compel us change our behaviors, try new products and start or join movements. Miki Agrawal brings her experience creating and launching multiple 9 figure social enterprises and provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people to connect more effectively with audiences on an emotional, and exciting level. Miki uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business, art and heart, which create memorable selling tools for every person at every level of your company.

How do you turn ideas into reality? THINX and TUSHY Founder and startup CEO & CCO Miki Agrawal will share countless out-of-the-box ideas, tips and stories drawn from her near two decades as an entrepreneur that will help you come up with show-stopping ideas.  Equal parts inspiration, start-up stories, and practical tips, it’s a message that resonates equally well with students, early stage entrepreneurs, and any businessperson looking to bring innovation to their business.