Stay in the Right Altitude

April 20, 2021

Whenever things feel challenging on a day-to-day level, my coach always says to me “stay in the right altitude” which means stay above the minutiae and look at the big picture holistically. Things could feel really hard (or annoying, or sad or frustrating) in the moment but overall, when you zoom out above the clouds, and things are moving forward, then it’s all actually great overall (holy shit we’re alive, amirite?) It’s kinda like when you look in the mirror super up close and see a little pimple but then when you step back, you don’t see it anymore because you are focusing on the whole you and not one tiny piece of you.

What’s real for me right now is that we have had quite a bit of change at my company, most of it AMAZING and some of it a little challenging. Sometimes (and possibly thanks to Covid) it’s easy to make up stories in our heads that things are “harder than they are” and we can get dramatic about them.

But then I choose to get back to the right altitude and remember how far we’ve come and how normal it is for things to change when we hit inflection points in our businesses and in our greater lives. And it’s SO exciting to see these changes happen, even if they feel a little clunky in the moment. In the last 3 years, we have grown exponentially as a company, as a brand and as a presence in the direct-to-consumer landscape, and are even looked to as inspiration for other brands. We’re hiring quite a few people now and growing our team thoughtfully, choosing kind, happy, ego-less people with “let’s go!” attitudes moving forward, which has been and will continue to be an important piece in building a cohesive, exponential brand.

Staying in the right altitude has helped me zoom out and see the bigger picture over and over again and has helped me breathe a little deeper in moments that have felt a little contracted…Would love to hear how you remind yourself to stay in the right altitude?

Ps. We are hiring roles specifically in marketing and creative teams so if you know A+ people with amazing, positive vibes, please reach out 🙂