Taking off the dainty gloves and cracking knuckles

July 28, 2020

Every once in a while, I get an email from someone with a “demand” to prove that I am a woman who truly supports other women.

*Taking dainty gloves off and cracking knuckles*

Inventing a solution that empowers women globally and eliminates period shame was not enough. Helping girls and women reclaim the power of their womanhood was not enough. Helping hundreds of thousands of girls and women in the developing world gain access to menstrual products so they can go back to school was not enough. Building thousands of safe, clean toilets, especially for the vulnerable girls and women in the developing world, was not enough.

It’s fascinating to me that women doing good AND doing well in the world are still held to such an absurd standard and if they are not absolutely perfect, they are deemed “toxic” and “bad” and are attempted to be cancelled by publications looking for click bait to write about (it’s even more juicy when it’s women doing good things getting taken down amirite?).

This is classic patriarchy.

Women in positions of power still have to answer to the societally acceptable version of “her” – the notion that women have to be sweet, gentle and accommodating, not to be a BOSS that asks for excellence and moves through the world with passion and aliveness – because THAT would be too “emotional” and “toxic” right?

When the rare moments come where someone asks me “what happened at my last company” with judgement in their tone, I think about Joan of Arc who was burned alive for “witchcraft” and I find my power to keep fighting the good fight for the Joans who couldn’t make it through, even when they were on the side of good. May our actions always speak louder than sticks and stones. As this #challengeaccepted challenge started flooding my DMs (thank you to all of the badasses who tapped me), I am feeling empowered to speak up on behalf all of the powerful women who are taken down mostly (and sadly) by other women.

This is our time to truly support other women, not just post about it. May we turn jealousy into inspiration and judgement into understanding for all fellow women out there who are changing things up.