The Ad That Shook the Throne: TUSHY’s Bold Debut

April 3, 2024

Springtime always has me feeling nostalgic AF. So, today, I’m taking you on a trip down memory lane to reminisce about our first-ever TUSHY ad, which, let’s just say, ruffled some feathers and got people talking.


The Concept: In Your Face (Literally)

The ad featured a person with a bag on their head and posed a provocative question: “Imagine if a bird shits on your face. Do you try to wipe it off with more toilet paper, smearing more shit on your face? Or do you wash your face? … Why is this any different than your butt? Treat your butt…like your face. Introducing TUSHY.” 

The idea was to make people think twice about their bathroom habits. We wanted to highlight the absurdity of using dry toilet paper to clean our most dirty areas. 

It’s like, if a bird pooped on your face, would you just wipe it with a paper towel? No, you’d wash it off! So why treat your butt any differently?

Softening the Message

Initially, we compared the situation to having poop on your face because it’s more invasive and shocking. However, over time, we softened our copy to compare it to having poop on your arm. It’s a bit less in-your-face (pun intended), but still gets the point across.

Edutainment is Key

In the ad, we didn’t just shock people; we showed them exactly how to use TUSHY. It was important for us to educate our audience on the benefits of using a bidet and how it can transform their bathroom experience. 

This approach of combining education with entertainment has remained a pillar of TUSHY’s advertising strategy nearly a decade later. We believe in making learning about hygiene fun and engaging, which has resonated well with our audience.

Tagline: For People Who Poop

Our tagline, “For People Who Poop,” is simple, straightforward, and effective. It’s like, duh, everybody poops. This tagline has stood the test of time because it speaks to the universal nature of our product. It’s a reminder that TUSHY is for everyone, and it encapsulates our mission to normalize and improve the way we all take care of our bodies.


The Results: A Smashing Success

The ad did incredibly well, with a low customer acquisition cost (CAC). My wasband–or ex-husband ICYMI :-)–, Andrew, narrated. Yours truly donned the bag. We filmed in our own bathroom. 

It was a bold and memorable way to introduce TUSHY to the market, and it set the tone for our brand as a fearless disruptor in the bathroom space.

Key Learnings and Why It Worked

So, what made this ad so successful? First, it was the shock value. It grabbed people’s attention and made them think. 

Second, it was relatable. Everyone has had that “ugh” moment with toilet paper. 

Third, it was educational (and entertaining). We didn’t just present a problem; we offered a solution in a quirky and memorable way. 

And finally, it was authentic. The ad reflected our brand’s personality: bold, cheeky, and unafraid to tackle taboo topics.

This first TUSHY ad was a game-changer. It challenged norms, sparked conversations, and most importantly, it got people to reconsider their bathroom habits. And that, my friends, is the power of bold advertising.



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