The Seven Miracles of Mindfulness have helped me transform challenging moments into healing ones.

1. Become present – really take in your surrounding or the person in front of you and look at them without thinking about anything else.

2. Make the other present – If you are with someone, help the them take in their surroundings or take you in with presence too.

3. Nourish the object of your attention (especially your loved ones) – Ask your loved one “Who are you in this moment?” and give them all of your attention without distraction. If you are lost in thought or thinking about something else while in conversation with your loved one, it is considered kind of a killing. “How can you say you love her if you do not give her your full attention?”

4. Relieve the other’s suffering – in difficult moments, if you have someone who can be fully present with you, it is a blessing, and vice versa. “If we are not truly present, if we are thinking about other things, we cannot truly relieve the other’s suffering.”

5. Look deeply – “vipashyana” – when you sit with your thoughts and shine the light of mindfulness on the object of your attention, you see things in a clearer way.

6. Understand – “when we understand something, we say “I see.” We see something we haven’t seen before.” Understanding is the foundation of love.

7. Heal and transform – when we spend present time looking deeply and understanding, transformation occurs and we begin to relieve our own suffering and suffering in the world.

Try this when you are having a tough time or having a tough moment with someone, it really works.