Society’s Cages

October 16, 2020

There is something so fascinating about “society” (term used loosely) wanting to put us in cages. To make us fit into standardized categories that can be easily languaged and judged. And then we have to force ourselves, often against our truth, freedom and intuition to fit into these make-believe cages. For us females – even if there is a version of free-the-nipple-body-positivity-sisterhood out there on the surface, we are still very much put into the prescribed cage of what to look like (and we’ll do things to our bodies to accommodate that prescribed gaze), how to be OR ELSE “you will be taken to task” by “society”: like be accommodating and maternal yet let’s make you compete with each other and make it easy to put each other down and let’s create “cat fights” for our entertaining pleasure, and let’s watch you business chicks fight for the one seat at the table while we watch it like sport, oh and also keep your voice down and ew, don’t be so annoying (slash threatening) because you’re too successful so let us (society) take you down to “keep you in your place” (I know that storyline all too well lol).

Males are put in the cage of “be emotionless and shove it all under your guts and don’t tell anyone you’re scared or sad or ashamed or hurt and put on big muscles to cover it all up and walk it off man! No mercy bro! No room for your sissy feelings” and talk a big game about money, power, sports, blowjobs…still! It’s still a thing! I happened upon a rap video TODAY and all it was about was titties and blow jobs and sex and power and money and gold and cars and power…still! This is STILL a thing in society that men have to be caged into believing and being too.

Aren’t we beyond these cages by now? Are we ready to be our truest, freest selves yet? Being fully expressed does go against the power of the status quo (aka the pre-conditioning that males and females are caged by) so if we all decided to uncage ourselves together and liberate our souls, then everyone will get to live freer, fully expressed lives where we are championed for our unique magic, each one of us and all of us. This gets me FIRED UP to escape my cage.