We are who we practice to be

May 19, 2020

I just finished watching the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” and DAMN what a human chasing his passions with ALL of him. When he left basketball after winning three back-to-back NBA championships and decided to pursue baseball, he did not care what people or the media said about him and how they made fun of his baseball game because he was authentically following his childhood passions of becoming a pro baseball player!

He then decided to go back to basketball because he missed it so much. When he came back, his performance was not the same initially because he was not in “basketball shape” so he did not win his first championship back. Right after the game when they got eliminated, the players usually take time off but Michael Jordan turned to his trainer and said “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And then trained and trained and even while shooting a Disney movie during off-season, he put in 3 hours of basketball every night plus an early morning weight training session while filming all day from 7am to 8pm. He came back and won another three back-to-back championships. That’s just what it takes.

We are who we practice to be. We can talk and talk or complain or make excuses or not take any action or we can work our butts off with all of us and truly make magic happen. Even when we are trying to “improve ourselves” as humans, it’s a daily, moment-to-moment practice. We don’t change just like that, it takes effort and awareness and messing up and trying again and again until a new neuronal pathway is formed and we improve. These days, it feels like someone reads a couple of articles or even a headline and touts themselves an expert and feel like they can give advice to others. To become a true expert takes years of dedication and practice. We are who we practice to be.