What are your well-being practices?

October 21, 2020

Sometimes letting all of the feels out leaves me with an audible-cathartic-exhale-feeling, like the feeling one has resting on a sunny beach after a long, hard, stormy swim. I realized over and over again that moving through the visitors that are my emotions (by talking through them with friends and/or significant other and/or professionals and also by meditating and journaling and moving my body daily/consistently) is critical to getting to the sunny skies where we can enjoy and bask in the magic of life.

Holding anything in, or compartmentalizing our emotional experiences or numbing them through substance or distractions only ends up leaking out or getting stuck and eventually needs the space to be expressed anyway, so may as well do the clearings consistently as a true practice rather than have them become unnecessary blow ups that compound.

My coach suggested a weekly check-in with myself and my partner to see where anything is stuck, compartmentalized or leaking and have a clearing about it. It takes discipline to get to emotional homeostasis on a consistent basis. #worthit 

What are your well-being practices?

PS. My twin sister, RadhaEli, and Tim are launching an epic Joy Practice with Daybreaker and their team and I cannot wait for it launch! (Called DOSE by Daybreaker! Check it out!)

Joy is a practice, what a concept and so true right? ❤️🙏💥